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Star Wars A-Wing Interceptor
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Star Wars A-Wing Interceptorclose

First released the Feb. 9, 2020.

Published in Spaceships by TheOwenPerson.

This is a fast non-shielded craft used by the Rebel Alliance in Star Wars. This ship took me quite a while to build because of it's unique shape and structure. THINGS TO NOTE: -You have 0 shields so don't go to crazy. -You fire using MB1. -The first switch in the cockpit opens the hatch for the electronics on the back of the ship. -The second switch opens the cockpit. I am planning on adding landing gear eventually but rotors are a little bugged as of now. See more...

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VCX 100 (ghost) Mk1 (WIP)
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VCX 100 (ghost) Mk1 (WIP)close

First released the Oct. 28, 2019.

Published in Spaceships by Gmunga5.

Just the rough start for my updated ghost. Working on bringing it from the old versions and up to newer standards. Not completed yet, far from it. Really putting it up for people to have a look around and so that if anyone comes up with ideas for adding details or improving the ship. I would appreciate any ideas people come up with. Note it does go boom a bit. See more...