I love Star Wars :D

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Star Wars X-Wing
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Star Wars X-Wingclose

First released the May 23, 2020.

Published in Spaceships by PieterD.

Star Wars X-Wing Key bindings: - [1] canopy - [2] wings - [G] landing gear - [L] lightcruise - [left mouse button] lasers Switches: - [left switch in front part of the cockpit] canopy - [right switch in front part of the cockpit] wings - [switchs left in the cockpit] landing gear - [switches left and right outside on cockpit] canopy Update 1: - added switches for canopy and wings in cockpit - added small decorative blocks in cockpit - changed the back behind the cockpit to make it more streamlined - added gatling barrel to lasers so they shoot faster Update 2: - canopy opens in a smaller angle - added switch for landing gear in cockpit Please give credit if you're using it online :) Hope you enjoy it! See more...