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Gatsby Shipyards - 'The Blue Shift'
brush 4/5
build 5/5
star 4.5/5
Gatsby Shipyards - 'The Blue Shift'close

First released the May 23, 2020.

Published in Spaceships by MaximusAurelius.

The Blue Shift is the first luxury cruiser from Gatsby Shipyards With coral blue 42 re-entry heat shield plating and gold trimmed piping, show the galaxy you have too many credits and dont know what to do with it, hell the cooling system runs off the tears of babies, your basically throwing you money away at this point We know you have cash to burn, so why let your uranium fuel go to waste, equipped with 6 gattling lasers, you can spend more than a small countries economy holding left click for a minute in weapon fuel alone Fully equipped with lightcruise because you have enough money to just pay off the law, like the infamous Gatsby himself (please note the laws of physics are temperamental, break them at your own risk, side effects may include time displacement, micro black holes, very big black holes, anti matter annihilation and mild headaches) We put a spoiler on it too, its a spaceship, it doesn't need downforce, but it looked cool so we bolted it on anyway Its interior features cushions made from the galaxy's fluffiest sheep with rancor beast leather so you can traverse the galaxy in ultimate comfort (there is a button on the left thruster pod to open the cockpit, it opens like double doors which i though was really cool, close it with the top left cockpit button, the buttons in the cockpit are either for the lights, the landing gear or for opening the hood, i dont know how to label them yet so just press them and figure out, its not bad design its 'intentional mystery') We at Gatsby shipyards hope you enjoy your purchase, we know that money could have be spent saving jawas from extinction, but you chose to blow it on a really cool spaceship, thank you for that -Gatsby shipyards (please note you can get the ship for free here /s) See more...

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RSC Piranha
brush 0/5
build 0/5
star 0/5
RSC Piranhaclose

First released the June 21, 2019.

Published in Spaceships by khowhl.

The RSC Piranha is a racing ship, packed with thrust power and... well, not much of anything else. No shields, no weapons, this one is just about speed and more speed. Compact and equipped with a landing gear, you can land it in your backyard to impress your friends. Or not. See more...

Bodkin Tactical Fighter
brush 5/5
build 4/5
star 4.5/5
Bodkin Tactical Fighterclose

First released the June 22, 2019.

Published in Spaceships by DarthPeter0.

The Bodkin represents DarthTech's newest entry into the personal ship market. Featuring a spacious cockpit, personal living cabin, and small cargo bay, the Bodkin provides comfortable long-term accommodations for a single pilot without sacrificing its combat capabilities. Perfect for bounty hunting, escort flying, or the occasional canyon run, the Bodkin's sleek maneuverability makes this ship a joy to fly. This model is outfitted for civilian use, and does not come equipped with weapons (at least until we get a weapons patch). The Bodkin features retractable landing gear, a cargo ramp for entry into the ship, and a pressurized door between the cargo bay and the rest of the spacecraft. This allows the cargo bay to double as an airlock, so the pilot can perform EVAs without depressurizing the ship. The Bodkin is just under 28m long, 5m tall, and 20m wide, and has no clipping anywhere. Though it may seem large for a fighter, it is smaller in every dimension than the Core Dynamics Eagle from Elite: Dangerous, despite filling a similar role. If you are a pilot who does not want to chose between comfort and performance, the DarthTech Bodkin is right for you. See more...

OK80 [WIP]
brush 0/5
build 0/5
star 0/5
OK80 [WIP]close

First released the Nov. 30, 2019.

Published in Spaceships by Aiwi.

Work-in-progress upload of the Koivoi OK80. Paint: 45% done. Structure: 87% done. Logic: 5% done. Armaments: 0% done. Notes: 1.0: Posted Ship 2.0: Revised for the new update 3.0: Interior Update See more...

Servo S-1 "Lowrider"
brush 5/5
build 4.666666666666667/5
star 4.833333333333333/5
Servo S-1 "Lowrider"close

First released the May 24, 2020.

Published in Spaceships by Servo.

Personal spaceship with a fancy ingress/egress, shields and concealed landing gear. Entry switch is on the left side of the craft to the right of the cockpit just under the wing above the arrow. Once inside, there is a switch on the "door" to close the hatch, which will swivel the chair in place, and lower the pilots yoke. The switch to the left of the yoke opens and closes landing gear, if you are in the yoke, use the [G] key to open and close the landing gear. Fun video showing why I call this ship "Lowrider" Thank you for viewing. See more...