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brush 4.25/5
build 4.25/5
star 4.25/5

First released the Aug. 24, 2018.

Published in Spaceships by LeMinaw.

My first a bit good looking ship in Skywanderers. See more...

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Butler Bot
brush 4.2/5
build 3.4/5
star 3.8/5
Butler Botclose

First released the Dec. 12, 2018.

Published in Spaceships by Gmunga5.

He makes a mean crumpet. See more...

Joba Mech
brush 3.8/5
build 3/5
star 3.4/5
Joba Mechclose

First released the Aug. 24, 2018.

Published in Mechs by schlid.

A small mech designed for exploration See more...

AAM Mako Interceptor Mk. I WIP
brush 5/5
build 4/5
star 4.5/5
AAM Mako Interceptor Mk. I WIPclose

First released the June 8, 2019.

Published in Spaceships by Dwarf-LordPangolin.

A compact, fast, carrier-operated fighter with light weapons and shields. Still a WIP until we get ship weapons and systems updated as well. See more...

D77H-TCI Pelican
brush 5/5
build 5/5
star 5.0/5
D77H-TCI Pelicanclose

First released the June 18, 2019.

Published in Spaceships by HyperPlut0.

The D77H-TCI Pelican, formally known as the Dropship 77 Heavy-Troop Carrier/Infantry and more commonly known as the Pelican, is a newer model of the D77-TC Pelican dropship. It appeared to have largely supplanted the original D77-TC model in the UNSC Marine Corps and Navy, at least in the Earth theater of operations, by late 2552. See more...

Bodkin Tactical Fighter
brush 0/5
build 0/5
star 0/5
Bodkin Tactical Fighterclose

First released the June 22, 2019.

Published in Spaceships by DarthPeter0.

The Bodkin represents DarthTech's newest entry into the personal ship market. Featuring a spacious cockpit, personal living cabin, and small cargo bay, the Bodkin provides comfortable long-term accommodations for a single pilot without sacrificing its combat capabilities. Perfect for bounty hunting, escort flying, or the occasional canyon run, the Bodkin's sleek maneuverability makes this ship a joy to fly. This model is outfitted for civilian use, and does not come equipped with weapons (at least until we get a weapons patch). The Bodkin features retractable landing gear, a cargo ramp for entry into the ship, and a pressurized door between the cargo bay and the rest of the spacecraft. This allows the cargo bay to double as an airlock, so the pilot can perform EVAs without depressurizing the ship. The Bodkin is just under 28m long, 5m tall, and 20m wide, and has no clipping anywhere. Though it may seem large for a fighter, it is smaller in every dimension than the Core Dynamics Eagle from Elite: Dangerous, despite filling a similar role. If you are a pilot who does not want to chose between comfort and performance, the DarthTech Bodkin is right for you. See more...

Benny's Spaceship Recreation - Lego Movie (2014)
brush 4.5/5
build 4.5/5
star 4.5/5
Benny's Spaceship Recreation - Lego Movie (2014)close

First released the Aug. 18, 2019.

Published in Spaceships by Doehg.

A recreation of the spaceship built by my man Benny in The Lego Movie (2014) during like the climax I think. Also this movie was allegedly released like 5 years ago - which is old enough to no longer be called a new movie and like it feels like a new movie. Did anything happen in the last five years, like at all? Apparently there's a Lego Movie franchise too? aaaaaaaaaaaa I built this from the Lego set and yeah I saw the movie five years ago so there's probably some additional function I missed not present in the set. Anyway I also had to make some minor changes so the thing could actually fly, so it's not perfect, and there's also no stickers or hotkey bindings 'cause those are broken right now. Anyway here're the present features: 18 forward facing pulse lasers dual pulse laser turret 2 spinal unguided missile launchers 2 deployable guided missile launchers a deployable satellite dish thing 4 seats (from front to back): - copilot / gunner - pilot - navigation / communication - turret gunner / systems manager (its inside) here's a link to all the pictures of it I also included some pictures of it unpainted because I kinda like the way it looks theres also a download for the unpainted version in the unpainted folder https://1drv.ms/u/s!AqX71F48dREJgfpQ_yGPjr06yC-IXg?e=B1CNPk See more...

brush 0/5
build 0/5
star 0/5

First released the Sept. 21, 2019.

Published in Spaceships by Senakysam.

A test case to try out the new paint and stickers in update 19w38a. The metallic paint really makes things pop! To open the cockpit from the outside, click the right button in the starboard intake. See more...

OK80 [WIP]
brush 0/5
build 0/5
star 0/5
OK80 [WIP]close

First released the Nov. 30, 2019.

Published in Spaceships by Aiwi.

Work-in-progress upload of the Koivoi OK80. Paint: 45% done. Structure: 87% done. Logic: 5% done. Armaments: 0% done. Notes: 1.0: Posted Ship 2.0: Revised for the new update 3.0: Interior Update See more...

PhantomWorks Torrent Gunship V0.4.1 (Fixed)
brush 0/5
build 0/5
star 0/5
PhantomWorks Torrent Gunship V0.4.1 (Fixed)close

First released the June 22, 2019.

Published in Spaceships by Dio_The_Creative.

Testing new tech with this advanced alpha phase gunship, sporting high speed and a durable look, perfect for covert and strike mission. In the future it will have a huge array of weaponry to match it's terrifying look. Can transport 8 people safely into hostile environments, plus 1 pilot and co-pilot. 10 beds, 1 bath shower, 2 kitchen. V0.4.1 Change Log: (Update will come soon, need to fix a few things first.) - Fixed most everything. - Landing gear is bugged. - New Cockpit, hoping this one will stay. - Removed most clipping. - Engines now rotate perfectly and respond to landing gear command. - Repainted because it keeps changing color for some reason. V0.4 Change Log: - Fixed cockpit. - Removed co-pilot seat for now until canopy block is fixed. - Painted blue and adjusted engine color. - Engines fixed... Sort of. - Added weapon pods. - Details added. V0.2 Change Log: - Fix VTOL engines. - Added landing gear, and converted two engines into landing engines. - Added Bathroom and kitchen, useful for long missions. - Added co-pilot seat with deploy-able controls. - Exterior is slightly modified. - Other minor changes. See more...