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iMa vEry gOoD bUildEr

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LeMinaw's publications (1)

Cover of Dragon
brush 4.25/5
build 4.25/5
star 4.25/5

First released the Aug. 24, 2018.

Published in Spaceships by LeMinaw.

My first a bit good looking ship in Skywanderers. See more...

LeMinaw's favorites (15)

Cover of Joba Mech
Joba Mech
brush 3.8/5
build 3/5
star 3.4/5
Joba Mechclose

First released the Aug. 24, 2018.

Published in Mechs by schlid.

A small mech designed for exploration See more...

Cover of Butler Bot
Butler Bot
brush 4.2/5
build 3.4/5
star 3.8/5
Butler Botclose

First released the Dec. 12, 2018.

Published in Spaceships by Gmunga5.

He makes a mean crumpet. See more...

Cover of AAM Mako Interceptor Mk. I WIP
AAM Mako Interceptor Mk. I WIP
brush 5/5
build 4/5
star 4.5/5
AAM Mako Interceptor Mk. I WIPclose

First released the June 8, 2019.

Published in Spaceships by Dwarf-LordPangolin.

A compact, fast, carrier-operated fighter with light weapons and shields. Still a WIP until we get ship weapons and systems updated as well. See more...

Cover of D77H-TCI Pelican
D77H-TCI Pelican
brush 5/5
build 5/5
star 5.0/5
D77H-TCI Pelicanclose

First released the June 18, 2019.

Published in Spaceships by HyperPlut0.

The D77H-TCI Pelican, formally known as the Dropship 77 Heavy-Troop Carrier/Infantry and more commonly known as the Pelican, is a newer model of the D77-TC Pelican dropship. It appeared to have largely supplanted the original D77-TC model in the UNSC Marine Corps and Navy, at least in the Earth theater of operations, by late 2552. See more...

Cover of Bodkin Tactical Fighter
Bodkin Tactical Fighter
brush 5/5
build 4/5
star 4.5/5
Bodkin Tactical Fighterclose

First released the June 22, 2019.

Published in Spaceships by DarthPeter0.

The Bodkin represents DarthTech's newest entry into the personal ship market. Featuring a spacious cockpit, personal living cabin, and small cargo bay, the Bodkin provides comfortable long-term accommodations for a single pilot without sacrificing its combat capabilities. Perfect for bounty hunting, escort flying, or the occasional canyon run, the Bodkin's sleek maneuverability makes this ship a joy to fly. This model is outfitted for civilian use, and does not come equipped with weapons (at least until we get a weapons patch). The Bodkin features retractable landing gear, a cargo ramp for entry into the ship, and a pressurized door between the cargo bay and the rest of the spacecraft. This allows the cargo bay to double as an airlock, so the pilot can perform EVAs without depressurizing the ship. The Bodkin is just under 28m long, 5m tall, and 20m wide, and has no clipping anywhere. Though it may seem large for a fighter, it is smaller in every dimension than the Core Dynamics Eagle from Elite: Dangerous, despite filling a similar role. If you are a pilot who does not want to chose between comfort and performance, the DarthTech Bodkin is right for you. See more...

Cover of (!Update!)Torrent Gunship
(!Update!)Torrent Gunship
brush 0/5
build 0/5
star 0/5
(!Update!)Torrent Gunshipclose

First released the June 22, 2019.

Published in Spaceships by Dio_The_Creative.

Testing new tech with this advanced alpha phase gunship, sporting high speed and a durable look, perfect for covert and strike mission. In the future it will have a huge array of weaponry to match it's terrifying look. Can transport 8 people safely into hostile environments, plus 1 pilot and co-pilot. 10 beds, 1 bath shower, 2 kitchen. V0.5 Change Log: - Fixed bunch of stuff. - Upper floor empty for rework, feel free to customize. - Primary and secondary fire added. Beware of secondary fire. V0.4.1 Change Log: - Fixed most everything. - Landing gear is bugged. - New Cockpit, hoping this one will stay. - Removed most clipping. - Engines now rotate perfectly and respond to landing gear command. - Repainted because it keeps changing color for some reason. V0.4 Change Log: - Fixed cockpit. - Removed co-pilot seat for now until canopy block is fixed. - Painted blue and adjusted engine color. - Engines fixed... Sort of. - Added weapon pods. - Details added. V0.2 Change Log: - Fix VTOL engines. - Added landing gear, and converted two engines into landing engines. - Added Bathroom and kitchen, useful for long missions. - Added co-pilot seat with deploy-able controls. - Exterior is slightly modified. - Other minor changes. See more...

Cover of Lancer
brush 0/5
build 0/5
star 0/5

First released the Sept. 21, 2019.

Published in Spaceships by Senakysam.

A test case to try out the new paint and stickers in update 19w38a. The metallic paint really makes things pop! To open the cockpit from the outside, click the right button in the starboard intake. See more...

Cover of OK80 [WIP]
OK80 [WIP]
brush 0/5
build 0/5
star 0/5
OK80 [WIP]close

First released the Nov. 30, 2019.

Published in Spaceships by Aiwi.

Work-in-progress upload of the Koivoi OK80. Paint: 45% done. Structure: 87% done. Logic: 5% done. Armaments: 0% done. Notes: 1.0: Posted Ship 2.0: Revised for the new update 3.0: Interior Update See more...

Cover of Gold Leader (SW Classic) WIP
Gold Leader (SW Classic) WIP
brush 0/5
build 0/5
star 0/5
Gold Leader (SW Classic) WIPclose

First released the Feb. 11, 2020.

Published in Spaceships by Dio_The_Creative.

Based off of the Y-Wing Concept by EC Henry, this Golden classic Star Wars ship was created to bring back nostalgia of the golden days of space combat. This ship is designed to be functional in modern space combat, with an interior space to fit several people and take them anywhere in the galaxy. Designer Note: Three green switches in the top right of the panels are for engines, shield, and power respectively. Primary is low damage anti fight guns in the front of the ship. Secondary are heavy cannons mounted in the wings. WIP Note: Needs more work, airlock doors are waiting for hinges to be fixed. Turrets are also waiting for other parts that are currently not working. Landing gear will also come when things are fixed. See more...

Cover of Space Van
Space Van
brush 0/5
build 0/5
star 0/5
Space Vanclose

First released the March 1, 2020.

Published in Spaceships by Dio_The_Creative.

Ever wanted to venture space with your friends in a ordinary space van? Well now you can! Features massive engines, engine thruster lights for mobility. Switches for main engines and shields. Lights for the inside, and broken indicator lights! Who needs landing gear? This van his a durable belly, land it anywhere you want! See more...

Cover of Star Wars Lambda-class T-4a shuttle
Star Wars Lambda-class T-4a shuttle
brush 5/5
build 4/5
star 4.5/5
Star Wars Lambda-class T-4a shuttleclose

First released the May 4, 2020.

Published in Spaceships by Tezlz.

A re-creation of the famous Lambda-class shuttle, also known as the Imperial Shuttle from Star Wars. It has room for one pilot, a gunner, two passengers in the cockpit, and 12 passengers in the rest of the ship. You can fire front weapons as the pilot using MB1, and a rear turret using the gunner yoke. As the pilot you can also lower/raise landing gear using 'G' (Don't spam it as the logic is very fragile), you can also lower/raise the boarding ramp using the '1' key (Don't spam this one either). See more...

Cover of ARC-902
brush 5/5
build 5/5
star 5.0/5

First released the May 27, 2020.

Published in Spaceships by VoidArchon.

Control instructions inside. Inspiration, but kinda backwards: See more...

Cover of Silver Specter Modern
Silver Specter Modern
brush 5/5
build 5/5
star 5.0/5
Silver Specter Modernclose

First released the May 30, 2020.

Published in Hovercraft by Servo.

The Silver Specter is an exotic hovercraft inspired by exotic cars. Features include: - "Jack-O-Matic™" Landing Gear/jack stands - Gull Wing doors - Bonnet/hood - Detailed Engine - Plush Leather seating The Silver Specter Modern was featured in my super short film of a bug (its been reported). See more...

Cover of Phantom SS
Phantom SS
brush 5/5
build 4.75/5
star 4.875/5
Phantom SSclose

First released the June 21, 2020.

Published in Spaceships by Servo.

Servo Motorworks is a generations old company specializing in vehicular transportation for both the civilian and heavy industries markets. The Phantom SS in this viewing is an older model that dates back 133 years as of this print date. This particular ship has been modified, damaged, repaired and reworked for generations, giving it that classic, rustic, time worn feel. The ship is in solid working order however newer models made with material advancements will perform better. We hope you enjoy this offering, this one deserves a good home. Features include: - Loading dock with retractable ramp. - Hidden guns. "1" key to open the weapons doors while you are in the pilots yoke. You will see lamps to the left and right of the front window that will turn green to let you know they are open. Then LMB to fire. - Landing gear - Use the 'G' key to open and close them. - The Cargo Room door and Cockpit door require button pushes to open, but both auto close after 4 seconds. - The ship has beds, a bathroom, a living space with home theater, and a kitchen with a little breakfast nook. - Teleporter room - The right side docking port is an "airlock" docking port - The left side docking port is just a window, do not use it for docking. If you are interested in this model, please feel free to post below and rate the ship once you have given it a test drive. Thank you. Showcase video Video showing the landing gear and weapon doors. See more...

Cover of A-wing Interceptor
A-wing Interceptor
brush 0/5
build 0/5
star 0/5
A-wing Interceptorclose

First released the July 9, 2020.

Published in Spaceships by Happyturtle.

Accidental reupload See more...