Head Designer and CEO of Koivoi. I post ships that use Astro-Aquatic (Astroquatic) design and engineering or just plain semi-cool stuff in general.

Koivoi TL00 Nickname G0/R0
[Koivoi / Two Letter Identifier / Length in meters / Ship Nickname / Generation or Revision Number]
Ex: Koivoi TU40 Astroshell

KOI-TL00 Nickname
Ex: KOI-TU40 Astroshell

TL00 Nickname
Ex: TU40 Astroshell

Super Short:
Ex: TU40

Add-on Codes:
VOI: Militarized or Heavy Weaponry
KOI: Civilian or Limited Weaponry
OOO: Not for public use

Identifier Codes:
AC: Atmospheric Capable
SS: Space Station
SX: Space Ship
SF: Space Fish (interchangeable with AQ)
AQ: Astroquatic (interchangeable with SF)
MQ: Mech
EX: Experimental
XO: Exo Suit
CC: Clown Car (shitty ship)
DX: Dropship
SK: Shark
SW: Sword Fish
CA: Carp
KO: Koi fish
PF: Pufferfish
AF: Anglerfish
TU: Turtle
SP: Shrimp
ST: Starfish
MR: Mantaray
OK: Orca/Killer Whale
WA: Whale

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Aiwi's publications (1)

OK80 [WIP]
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OK80 [WIP]close

First released the Nov. 30, 2019.

Published in Spaceships by Aiwi.

Work-in-progress upload of the Koivoi OK80. Paint: 45% done. Structure: 87% done. Logic: 5% done. Armaments: 0% done. Notes: 1.0: Posted Ship 2.0: Revised for the new update 3.0: Interior Update See more...

Aiwi's favorites (2)

Bodkin Tactical Fighter
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Bodkin Tactical Fighterclose

First released the June 22, 2019.

Published in Spaceships by DarthPeter0.

The Bodkin represents DarthTech's newest entry into the personal ship market. Featuring a spacious cockpit, personal living cabin, and small cargo bay, the Bodkin provides comfortable long-term accommodations for a single pilot without sacrificing its combat capabilities. Perfect for bounty hunting, escort flying, or the occasional canyon run, the Bodkin's sleek maneuverability makes this ship a joy to fly. This model is outfitted for civilian use, and does not come equipped with weapons (at least until we get a weapons patch). The Bodkin features retractable landing gear, a cargo ramp for entry into the ship, and a pressurized door between the cargo bay and the rest of the spacecraft. This allows the cargo bay to double as an airlock, so the pilot can perform EVAs without depressurizing the ship. The Bodkin is just under 28m long, 5m tall, and 20m wide, and has no clipping anywhere. Though it may seem large for a fighter, it is smaller in every dimension than the Core Dynamics Eagle from Elite: Dangerous, despite filling a similar role. If you are a pilot who does not want to chose between comfort and performance, the DarthTech Bodkin is right for you. See more...

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First released the Sept. 21, 2019.

Published in Spaceships by DarthPeter0.

The Wolverine is a fighter/interceptor designed for fast-paced, close-ranged, high-G combat against other small ships. See more...