Servo Country House
brush 5/5
build 5/5
star 5.0/5
Servo Country Houseclose

First released the May 25, 2020.

Published in Stations by Servo.

UPDATE 5-26-2020: Added specific lighting and controls for the bed, shower, and desk. Added additional light switch in kitchen to turn off main lighting (which is now kitchen and dining lighting). Reduced intensity of all lights to help with atmosphere of the environment. --------------------- Country House based on the art Tsuna provide to the community. Features: - Working front door - Working cabinet doors above bed - Working light switch - Working side gate door to garden/backyard - Beautiful painting by Picaservo - A nice kitchenette - A nice place to drink coffee - A desk with monitor to see what is going on through the front door camera - A shower - Toilet with toilet paper - and more..... See more...