Fenrir (BROKEN)
brush 4/5
build 5/5
star 4.5/5
Fenrir (BROKEN)close

First released the March 10, 2019.

Published in Mechs by Senakysam.

A giant mech that has fold out wings with converging lasers in the tips. Was a fun little build to do for Tsuna, and I'm finally releasing it. It only works in Stable at the moment, since mechs and other systems are broken in the latest builds. Might not update for the future, would probably do a complete rebuild to make use of all the new block mechanics. See more...

Joba Mech
brush 3.8/5
build 3/5
star 3.4/5
Joba Mechclose

First released the Aug. 24, 2018.

Published in Mechs by schlid.

A small mech designed for exploration See more...