Benny's Spaceship Recreation - Lego Movie (2014)

A recreation of the spaceship built by my man Benny in The Lego Movie (2014) during like the climax I think. Also this movie was allegedly released like 5 years ago - which is old enough to no longer be called a new movie and like it feels like a new movie. Did anything happen in the last five years, like at all? Apparently there's a Lego Movie franchise too? aaaaaaaaaaaa
I built this from the Lego set and yeah I saw the movie five years ago so there's probably some additional function I missed not present in the set. Anyway I also had to make some minor changes so the thing could actually fly, so it's not perfect, and there's also no stickers or hotkey bindings 'cause those are broken right now.

Anyway here're the present features:
18 forward facing pulse lasers
dual pulse laser turret
2 spinal unguided missile launchers
2 deployable guided missile launchers
a deployable satellite dish thing
4 seats (from front to back):
- copilot / gunner
- pilot
- navigation / communication
- turret gunner / systems manager (its inside)

here's a link to all the pictures of it
I also included some pictures of it unpainted because I kinda like the way it looks
theres also a download for the unpainted version in the unpainted folder!AqX71F48dREJgfpQ_yGPjr06yC-IXg?e=B1CNPk


brush 4.5/5
build 4.5/5
star 4.5/5
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LeMinaw's avatar
LeMinaw, Aug. 18, 2019, 2:51 p.m.

Agreed, looks really nice!

schlid's avatar
schlid, Aug. 18, 2019, 11:18 a.m.

nice work

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